Faber Novel Minimal Homepage

Digital consulting firm Fabernovel Institute is known for helping businesses reach their potential. Their website reflects their approach to improving a company’s digital footprint.  

From the home page, viewers can scroll down to discover the “We Are” page. This section of the site uses background animation to help users hone in on the content. It’s dressed with a dark-blue backdrop and a bold number one in the middle of the page, informing users that it’s the first of six pages.

This approach improves sitemap navigation and the UI. A bar menu that doesn’t have any content rests on the left side of the page, which gives users the opportunity to navigate the site freely and without distraction.

Faber Novel Minimal About Page

Fabernovel Institute’s “About” page incorporates parallax-inspired interface. It has an illustration on the top left corner, and it transitions back to a white background that forces the images on the page forward. Eachhigh-resolution image showcased in the “About” section is in black-and-white format, granting users with an easy visual shift from the previous page.

The “About” page uses a tree format, as opposed to a gallery format, which gives users an asymmetrical point of view. This concept gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the company's team. When they click on an image, a brown modal window opens that contains the employee’s name, title, and a brief description of their background. Below their headshot, a contact button will open another window when clicked, so users can email that specific member.

Faber Novel Minimal Website Design

The contact page incorporates a minimalist concept to illustrate the company’s global reputation. When a user shifts the mouse over the area of their choice, the typography becomes highlighted in gold and shifts to the right. Each area lists the address, phone number, and the contact email. On the right side of the page, users can interact with the company’s social media accounts.

Fabernovel Institute’s conservative web design shows potential clients their ability to think outside of the box. The website is easy to follow and gets to the point, so users are able to experience Fabernovel Institute’s brilliance in digital marketing and branding.

Faber Novel is a minimal website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.