Lucie Koldova Stunning Homepage

Lucie Koldova’s website is dedicated to Koldova’s studio, where she creates impressive and artistic pieces of lighting decor. The landing page takes on a brilliant approach with a pale gray background and a sparkle effect. The simplicity of the effect adds flair to the page, and it helps to draw the attention of users to the main message on the screen.

Written in an enlarged sans serif font, the word, “Space,” becomes the central idea of the home screen. The utterly simple approach to an introductory page is enough to entice users to scroll through the rest of the website to learn more about the studio.

Lucie Koldova Stunning Website Design

By scrolling on the home page, users activate a footer menu where they can look through the different items for sale. The footer menu makes use of a slim section of the page, and it’s presented in an analogous black color. The search options are center-aligned in the middle of the menu, and a sans serif white font makes them stand out. The menu presents minimal options, maintaining the simplistic approach of the website.

Lucie Koldova Stunning Website Design

Lucie Koldova’s website makes it easy to view the various products she has developed throughout her esteemed career. Each gallery piece includes a collection of high-resolution photographs presented in a singular line format. Each product photograph takes up the full screen of the page and varies between either brilliant color or black and white.

Within each gallery piece, the footer menu is replaced with a description where users can learn the little details about the product they are viewing. The product description is presented against the black negative space, allowing the brief paragraphs to stand out.

Lucie Koldova Stunning About Page

Additionally, users can access information about Lucie Koldova and her studio through the footer menu. Utilizing a textured background, Koldova’s statement about her business and her contact information stand out in analogous coloring.

On the “About” page, words are left-aligned within their section and evenly spaced to create an organized appearance. Being an artist, Lucie Koldova includes a two-by-five icon table to showcase the different kinds of materials she uses, allowing consumers to delve more into her work.

Sleek designs and textured backgrounds make for an impressive combination to introduce users to Lucie Koldova’s work. The monochromatic design allows the high-resolution photographs to pop off the page as users look through her products.

Lucie Koldova is a stunning website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Manufacturing and Professional Services industries.