Clickable website design landing page

Clickable Website Design Embodies The Agency’s Name With Highly Appealing Interactions    

Clickable is an Odessa-based agency that creates innovative visualization for businesses, including branding, corporate identity, promo materials and mos timportant, web design and development.  

The agency took advantage of its vast experience to rebrand itself with a brand-new website aiming to capture users’ attention in just a few seconds.    

Having interaction in mind, Clickable crafted a website that employs sleek visual design to entice its users to thoroughly explore every inch of every landing page, bringing value with every single click.  

Clickable managed to strike a balance between a seamless UI/UX and ambitious authenticity that stands out from the competition. The resulting website highlights both the company’s growth and a bold new course tailored to “modern” design trends and client needs.

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Clever motion effects

Clickable Web Design Uses Sleep Animation And Motion Effects To Create A Cutting-Edge Homepage

Clickable’s website aims to exceed users’ expectations right from the get-go. As soon as a user lands on the agency’s homepage, he’s faced with a whole different experience.    

Stunning animation cleverly showcases the agency’s services and illustrates the user journey by providing almost a three-dimensional feeling.   

Whether on purpose or not, the parallax effects use somewhat of cyberpunk imagery, evoking dream-like visions from the likes of Hollywood blockbuster movies like the Matrix, Tron or Bladerunner.  

The graphics appeal to user subconsciousness, associating Clickable’s area of expertise with something uncommon, exclusive and high-tech.  

The sticky, hamburger menu navigation blends seamlessly with the website graphics even as users scroll down.  

Going down the homepage funnel, visitors encounter the agency’s services that, once you hover over them, use stylish motion effects to proclaim the advantages they bring to the businesses.  

Modular Menu for streamlined navigation

Clickable Website's Main Menu Navigation Ensures A Simple And Seamless User Journey

The team behind Clickable’s website shows a deep understanding of user experience and intent. Clicking on the navigation icon doesn’t employ any flashy animation and/or effects. It instantly transitions to the menu section,   

Stylistically presented, the modular menu points to four sections without any subcategories. Clicking on any category brings you back to the appropriate section of the homepage.    

The circular logic and lightning-fast page load speed are even more impressive considering the heavy intro animation.   

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Union of modern animation and original typography

Well-Selected Color Palette And Heavy Saturation Enhance The UI/UX Design And Make Design Elements Stand Out    

Clickable’s website draws from current design trends: More and more smartphone/laptop users use dark mode on their devices, apps and wherever else it’s available.    

The consensus is that dark mode makes it easier to stay focused on your work because your content stands out more.    

Clickable leverages on this trend by using a simple, three-hue color palette, with bold black backgrounds, white typography and red accents. Besides looking trendy, it drastically reduces eye strain and creates higher contrast.   

The aforementioned black background on Clickable’s website provides an ultra-modern look and helps animated design elements stand out. Besides adding to the overall vibrancy, the red highlights inspire confidence and strength.  

Using this color scheme is great to highlight and emphasize significant points on the page, guiding users down the conversion funnel.   

The Clean And Bold Typography On Clickable’s Website Ensures Legibility   

The typeface is one of the most important components of a brand. Without reinventing the wheel, Clickable opted for making their own individual font that reflects the company’s philosophy, aspirations and efficiency.   

The resulting typography for headlines, subheadings and CTAs is in all caps. It is clean, catchy, easy to read and above all else, clickable.    

Although at first glance, it seems design-heavy, the neat and hollow typography adds to the minimalistic design simplicity and the overall consistency of the website.   

The copy is short and on point, perfectly balancing the motion effects that underline it. This is best illustrated in the dynamic intro 3D scene: The words BRAND, ADVERTISE, WEB and most importantly CREATIVE capture the essence of Clickable and the quintessential basis of their work.   

Emphasize on testimonials

Clickable Website Design Uses Social Proof And Adds A Human Touch By Prominently Showcasing Client Representatives

Testimonials and social proof make a huge impact on prospects when they’re searching for a company to partner with.   

Clickable understands this. Without any boasting, the agency humanizes its high-tech website by prominently showcasing client pictures and testimonials in an attractive carousel.   

A comprehensive case studies page gives a glimpse into the Clickable portfolio and a detailed overview of each project.   

Each case page features some basic info about the client, the goal that Clickable had to achieve, the solution they applied and the eventual result of the effort.  

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