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The Digital Age continues to motivate creative endeavors and innovation at a faster pace than ever before. Make Technology is a creative digital service that develops brands and digital products for struggling start-ups and established companies alike. From web development to mobile apps to internet services, Make Technology is known for creating a meaningful future both online and off.

Using a simple schematic that relies on compelling color, visual repetition, and minimal movement, Make Technology’s site keeps the UX streamlined and easy. Subtle shapes, like triangles and curved lines, are repeated throughout different parts of each page, from font families to video play buttons to background accents. Small circles, rectangles, squares, and scattered lines harmonize the visual experience, giving it a sense of consistency as users navigate through page options.

Make Technology Creative Website Design

Immersing users in a forward-thinking interface means employing a minimalistic approach to maximize user interest. Black, blue, and white colors are displayed across the site in text, graphics, background, and selection choices. Moving dots grow larger and smaller as users scroll, making the experience faintly dynamic without being distracting.

Scrolling through the site and clicking on images allows users to view colored visuals of various samples of Make Technology’s work, like their branding and design development for individuals or companies. The interface maintains its easy-to-use approach even though the case studies present more information. Simple icons direct users out of each page and enable them to restart a search for additional projects or to find more information about the leadership team, blog, or contact information.

Make Technology Project Portfolio Page

As users interact with the project portfolio that features Make Technology’s past works, they can click into separate pages to see samples. The backgrounds remain simple in black and white, and they feature similarly colored images at the top of each case study page.

When users hover, a gray tone overlays these images to create a pleasing contrast with each webpage. Text appears as users interact, and minimal written content gives viewers a clear picture of what each page presents. The entire site expresses the importance of minimal visual content for consumers in the contemporary era, skillfully displaying Make Technology’s uncanny ability to present a clear message—no matter the size of the company.

Make Technology is a creative website design in the Advertising, Professional Services and Technology industries.

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