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London's history is full of fascinating yet creepy stories. From Jack the Ripper, the famous prostitute slayer, to Mary Ann Cotton, one of the most prolific female serial killers, to ghosts and witchcraft, you name it.


Grim London Creative Website Design

This website is a very complete compilation of all those dark tales of unhappiness and disgrace, and just because of the content alone it's a very interesting site to visit. But it's design is also worth noting.

Grim London Creative Website Design

A very dim petrol lamp lightens up the overall dark atmosphere, created by the greyish map and fog animation. All the London boroughs are represented and you can even choose your desired location by typing in the postcode. Either way, Gothic golden stars mark the spots where either a crime or a ghost story took place. When clicked, these open an overlay layer on the right, mimicking an old paper complete with a seal stamp that briefly explains what happened in that specific place and offers links to the source of the information, in case you want to know more.

The only thing missing might be a search field, but even so this is worth visiting.

Grim London is a creative website design in the Education and Entertainment industries.