Beyoncé Best Web Design Homepage

You know her music. You know her face. You know her name… Beyoncé. The pop icon is practically legendary. It’s no wonder her website makes an impressive impact.

In an unexpected twist for one of modern time's biggest stars, Beyoncé's website has a retro feel the second you land on it. Large vintage photographs of Queen Bey and her squad fill the screen. Each one is linked to a different website or expanded slide of applicable information.

For example, her athletic photos that read "Vegan Time" in a simple, sans serif font links to her infamous vegan meal plan. Further down the page, clicking on her outfit images from the A Wrinkle In Time premiere opens a smaller screen with her style credits. These images and corresponding content continue chronologically down the page, like a simple personal blog. 

Beyoncé Great Website Design News Page

Beyoncé indulges her fans in her day-to-day life on her website's About page. 

The site showcases the different daily activities and holiday events in her life through a series of photographs organized chronologically from newest to oldest.

The bright images pop off the white page. Go ahead and click on one to learn about what was going on. It’ll enlarge on the page in front of a black screen to make all the little details easily visible, while the caption takes up the right side of the page. Take time to move through the different images and feel like a real part of Beyoncé’s life.

Overall, Beyoncé is a simple website that engrosses visitors through captivating photographs and intuitive design.

Beyoncé is a top website design in the Entertainment industry.

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Beyoncé Great Website Design Events

Click on a small hamburger menu in the upper left corner to see all sections of her website. If you click on Tour, you're led to Beyoncé’s tour timelines to find out all the details about her concerts.

A beautiful black-and-white image top off the page, using bold letters to introduce you to the most recent tour name and sponsor. As you scroll down the page and roll over each image, you'll see dates, images, locations and other information for each of her tours, past and present. Just clicking on what you desire to learn will take you to well-organized tables in an easy-to-navigate journey. 

When clicked, images are displayed in a clean grid, while dates and locations are shown in a minimal table.