DEVX Experiments Awesome Homepage

DEVX Experiments is the organizer of an annual, digital design conference and showcase festival known as Digital Design Days. The conference is held to share some of the most innovative and experimental visual works being produced by digital designers today. It’s a place of vivid creation and unapologetic experimentation.

The home page serves to introduce the purpose of the conference and the brand of the festival, and it evokes a sense of rugged experimentation. The amoebic digital graphic blob showcased in the center of the frame creates a strong sense of the experimental, uncanny side of digital design. What’s more, the blank, matte, purple background creates a sense of creation, as if this was the interface of some powerful digital design software. The designer has done an excellent job of creating a truly uncanny space and a sense of creation, properly reflecting the virtue of the conference in question.

DEVX Experiments Awesome Website Design

From the home page, the interface warps into something more utilitarian, but still with an equal sense of the virtual uncanniness. Users can click on any of the digitized, portfolio panels that span the length of the screen to learn more about a creator or work that will be showcased at the conference.

This continues the very specific aesthetic of the site, which is equal parts stunning and intentionally incomplete, to really evoke a sense of creation and experimental design. Users are fully immersed in a highly particular experience thanks to its sound aesthetic, and they are now given stronger personal autonomy with the introduction of such a functional interface.

DEVX Experiments Awesome About Page

DEVX Experiment’s “About” section introduces yet another level of use to the otherwise experimental design. Critical information and links are embedded here, allowing users to seamlessly continue their navigation while still remaining fully entrenched in the visual experience of the site. The designer is continually showcasing their ability to marry both function and innovative, visual styling to create an engaging and textured experience.

Additionally, such an aesthetic mirrors the virtue of the conference, which seeks to expose the innovative, experimental, and functional advancements of digital artists. The designer has created a fully equipped site and UX, in both the functional and visual sense.

DEVX Experiments is an awesome website design in the Arts & Recreation and Technology industries.