HBM FiberSensing Bright Homepage

HBM FiberSensing is a world leader in the development, production and installation of advanced monitoring systems based on optical fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor technology.

The website design features a vibrant look with modern design and the website is just as fun and innovative as the technology they manufacture.

Although gradients have been an outdated trend, this website uses a neon gradient with ultra bright colors as the primary focus of the background to create subtle and unique sense for the viewer (and it's a really sucessfull choice).

HBM FiberSensing Corporate Website Design

In a fullscreen approach, this homepage has everything that modern websites should have this days: amazing full-width background photos, subtle and meaningful transitions, a fantastic usage of negative space and compelling narrative copy throughout.

Divided in 5 panels, this homepage is made to impress users. It's easy to engage with this website because it communicates what the agency does well, and makes visitors feel something while they are viewing it -- it's an emotional and interactive experience.

The sphere 3D effect on the homepage is impressive. The overall site is interactive and smarlt animated.

Hbm Fibersensing (slide 3)

The market page is an engaging deep scroll page that presents the company service in the specific market industry with stunning photos and amazing subtle effects and a clean design with very well-scructured copy.

The sound fades out while user scrolls down the page and turns into another sound related to the section the user is currently viewing. The sound is associated with the industry and it changes from page to page. The outlined icons for each market they use on the fullscreen menu is slick and amazingly designed and animated (above the page title once we enter the page).

The use of sticky navigation with the 3 main sections is also very clever for a UI perspective and makes the user know exactly where he is and what else is to see down the page (without even scrolling).

HBM FiberSensing Corporate Case Study Page

This creative case study page is really simple and clean, and tells the story of the project with both great visuals and effective copy. The case studies pages on this website is a proof of that, it's impressive how clean it is a yet tells the story so effectivelly and always makes the website visitor keep scrolling down to see more.

The use of brilliant interactions is a must-see on this page. On the bottom of the page, instead of a big footer with tons of information, they use a full-width module dedicated to the next case study.

HBM FiberSensing is a best website design in the Manufacturing and Technology industries.