Avocode Clean Homepage

Avocode is a brilliant and innovative alternative to Photoshop and Sketch that allows for designers across any system platform to create codes for websites in ways that do not have specific system requirements. Platforms such as Photoshop and Sketch require the use of either Windows or Mac systems to function. Avocode is a single, cross-system platformproduct designed for web coders and web designers alike.

The website employs a clean-cut design to put emphasis on the importance of Avocode and its components. While the header of the landing page is black, the site utilizes a large amount of negative space to avoid distractions and make each detail stand out. Through a deep scroll on the main page, consumers are able to view a few main things about Avocode before diving deeper into the project.

At the top of the page, consumers are able to access multiple pages through a menu. The menu allows for the user to learn about the product on multiple levels. Additionally, returning customers are able to login to the website through the main menu, and new users have the option of creating an account with Avocode, as well.

Avocode Clean Blog Design

Avocode offers an in-depth blog for both new users and returning consumers to dive into. The blog breaks down each post by category, including coding, designing, and even stories about the company. Avocode uses the blog as a way to show consumers how to use their product in tutorial forms based on questions they may or may not have.

Avocode Clean FAQ Page

For users who have specific questions and do not want to skim through the blog, Avocode features a detailed help page broken down into categories. Each category includes a number of lengthy articles about regularly asked questions. If a user knows what question they want to find the answer to, they can easily use the search bar.

Additionally, if viewers are not finding what they want or are interested in speaking to someone directly, Avocode offers a chat app in the lower right corner where they can speak with someone. This chat feature is available on every page, so consumers can talk with someone at any time.

If users are not interested in the chat app, the landing page showcases a number of other ways that consumers can contact Avocode. Their email address is listed and through a modal window leading to a personal email, consumers are able to send a message. Avocode also includes a number of hyperlinks to their social media platforms.

Avocode Clean Pricing Page

Users interested in trying out Avocode or buying the product are able to utilize the safe checkout. Before buying, consumers have the ability to look through each of the package options in order to choose the best option for them. If users are unsure of the product, they have the option to create an Avocode account and try the product during a 14-day trial.

Avocode is a clean website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.