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A chance to get away can be rejuvenating and refreshing, but what happens if you leave something behind? Forgetting something important on a vacation can cause stress and frustration, and not all hotels have access to items guests may need. Sometimes, better access to local products can make all the difference on a trip.

HotelShop is a company seeking to change that through a custom online shopping experience. From basic items to luxury purchases, this company has developed a platform for hotels to offer a unique shopping service to guests. Guests can purchase everything from a hair care kit to products from the hotel’s specific region.

The web design is clean and engaging, much like the company’s product. It uses a mix of cool and warm colors ranging from greens, blues, and purples to reds and yellows. Shop benefits appear in illustrated icons and attract interest to all kinds of exciting features. They use a similar color scheme, and they’re scattered against a white backdrop. The theme is highly digital and interactive, and the site is set up for hotel owners or managers to create a custom online shopping experience specifically for their own guests. The site design provides an interesting and navigable process from beginning to end.

HotelShop (slide 2)

From heading options that light up green when users hover, they can select to view various parts of the site and shop offerings. This product page uses more bright colors to distinguish different selections, and it repeats the familiar illustrated icon theme found throughout the site. This presentation design gives users a clear understanding of what they can purchase, and it uses small details like drop shadows and subtle outlines to maintain attention.

A small chat box floats in the bottom right of every screen and invites users to ask specific questions. Every informational section of the site includes a brightly colored button that directs users to more personal assistance. The calls to consumer action are clear and effective, representing the kind of product HotelShop creates for hotels attempting to maintain guest satisfaction.

HotelShop (slide 3)

On pages outlining the full HotelShop process, simplicity and clarity is key. The package options are more complex, so this page design uses more basic icons and images to walk users through the purchasing process. Vertical lines are barely visible streaking up and down the page, but they implicitly encourage users to explore to the end. They give a visual depth to the icons and illustrations popping off the page.

Models of digital technology, like iPads and phones, rush into the screen from the right as users scroll. These models show, rather than tell, users exactly how the product works. Small, lit-up icons help users keep track of navigation, allowing them to easily move forward or backward in the description.

The site provides a strong sample of the customer service and digital professionalism central to HotelShop’s mission, and the design takes all the stress away from the user for a clean, interactive experience.

HotelShop is a colorful website design in the Hospitality and Technology industries.