Sonder Travel Stunning Homepage

Sonder Travel is using the digital platform to revolutionize the travel agency game. This private membership club allows you to communicate your travel needs to any accommodation in the world via a simple online platform.

A fullscreen video on the home page tells the story of what’s possible with Sonder Travel. The beautiful beach scene in the video is displayed in black and white, allowing the page to maintain an elegant, minimalist aesthetic.

A dark gray, semi-transparent navigation bar has six simple links in a readable sans serif typeface. Beneath, the simple copy “Digital Travel Agency” appears, summarizing the general mission of the website. “Digital” appears in a sans serif typeface, while “Travel Agency” is seen in the serif choice, reflecting the idea of a modern idea meeting a classic profession.

A gold icon encourages the user to explore. The icon is the sole color on the page, drawing the eye of the user. The typeface appears to have been hand drawn, enhancing the elegance of the aesthetic and conveying an eye for detail.

As the user scrolls, the navigation bar remains sticky. Concise copy draws the user deeper into the page, while black and white images continue the minimalist aesthetic. The only color seen on the page is gold, serving to highlight key points.

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Sonder Travel Stunning Website Design

As the user selects a page to visit, the title of the chosen page is highlighted in gold on the navigation bar. Each page features the same header with black and white portrait photographs, cultivating brand identity. Each person’s eyes are closed, as if imagining all of the possibilities.

Sonder Travel knows that their clients are busy high achievers, so the main copywriting on the “Services” page is written in a quickly digestible bullet point format. At the bottom of the page, a patterned background adds texture while balancing out the busy header.

Sonder Travel appeals to those who love to travel, but are too busy to work out all of the details themselves. By digitizing the role of the travel agent, Sonder Travel is on the bleeding edge of the hospitality biz, with a website to prove it.

Sonder Travel is a stunning website design in the Hospitality, Luxury and Travel industries.

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