I See You Clean Homepage

I See U is dedicated to raising awareness about data mining and the extent to which businesses and governments have access to our personal information. They want to harness surveillance technology to empower, rather than disable people. I See U is a fairly mysterious, anonymous organization that plays this enigmatic quality much to their advantage.

Their home page effectively indicates their anonymity, drawing user interest from a curiosity created by minimalism. The page is incredibly empty, except for a small eye icon and several pieces of texts in the center of the page. This establishes the existence of the brand without communicating it, and this mysteriousness, thus, becomes the brand.

Users will naturally be intrigued, and they’ll want to continue exploring the site just to find out what exactly is going on here. Additionally, between every transition of page, there is a glitchy animation that effectively evokes the particular technology culture that I See U is associated with.

I See You Clean About Page

The designer continues to explore this enigmatic, techno aesthetic on the brief but powerful “About” page. Users transition to this page with the click of a button and a flash of animation. The text comes to life, warping violently before ultimately resting at this: its final destination. The phrase, “Now Everyone Is Watching,” effectively communicates the mission of the organization, while also further instilling a sense of mystery. I See U’s “About” page manages to effectively answer and ask more questions. The designer has explained the organization to users, while still maintaining the curiosity that sustains their interest.

I See You Clean Website Design

This product page finally presents, in the realest terms possible, the impetus of the site. Users can purchase a DIY surveillance kit to both enable themselves as watchers and prevent dominant forces from watching them. The design continues the same aesthetic as the rest of the site, but now channels it into a more literal and sales-oriented manifestation. The mystery of the site has led to this point, implanting an idea in the user’s head from the get-go, and paying it off here by pushing a product related to that idea.

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