Poppr Website Design

Poppr Website Design Opens Up With a Combination of Bold Proposition and Striking Visual Appeal

Paraphrasing their own words, Poppr crafts “immersive experiences for forward-thinking companies.”

Since the Belgian agency itself is a prime example of this credo it is only logical that they’ve created a cutting-edge website for their own needs. Forward-thinking indeed. The killer new website design combines super smooth animations with fun WebGL elements and a set of bold propositions to deliver a masterfully made joyride for its visitors.

Specializing in UX design, Poppr targets aspiring businesses with an equally efficient and creative website, hence “conversion through immersion.” The website design had to deliver in order to persuade prospective clients about Poppr’s quality and integrity.

Did they manage to achieve this?

Yes, with flying colors (literally!) if we may add.

The opening hero section welcomes the visitors with a brief, imposing tagline and a portfolio background video that literally signals – This is your stop!

There’s a prominent call-to-action button neatly tucked in this above-the-fold section: “Discover what we do”, but it is when users start scrolling that the magic begins...

Motion effects

The Website Opts for an Unusual Color Combination That Pops Against a Dark Background, Capturing Visitors’ Attention From the Get-Go

While the majority of the Poppr website design consists of minimal, compelling visuals, parallax effects and subtle interactive elements, what makes it stand out from similar sites in the industry is its color palette.

It perfectly accentuates bits of copy and elements like navigation and enriches the dark backdrop, giving it the atmosphere of somewhat accessible exclusivity.

Gold, purple and shades of teal make up the preferred palette that somehow seamlessly merges class, luxury and playfulness – some of the core USPs Poppr emanates as a brand.

These colors, however, tell only one-half of the website’s story. The other is a timeless, night-sky black that acts like a canvas upon which all the visual elements dance while users scroll.

As you go down, transitions from purple to yellow spotlight the background are more frequent, enhancing the website’s general dynamic flow. These transitions are buttery smooth, creating a play between dark and light, while color accents emphasize elements like underlined text, CTAs and more.

All these website elements mirror the brand identity effectively. You may look into different branding agencies that can ensure consistent and beautiful branding design across your digital platforms.  

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Legible typography

Attractive Typography Makes Going Through Poppr’s Messaging a Breeze

It’s safe to say that Popper's primary typeface makes content legible and easily digestible. It relies on a unique take on Ravenna Serial font that, while professional, gives a lighter and more relaxed feeling to the website.

Besides these qualities, the content both sounds and looks convincing and educative especially when delivered through concise, benefit0driven copy.

This way, crucial information is easily visible across all platforms and devices. Additionally, CTA buttons are quite bold and clearly visible, leading to different spots on the website.

Award-winning website design

Poppr Website Design Relies on the Power of Charming Visuals and Valuable Information To Deliver Its Unique Value Proposition

The main, hamburger menu on Poppr’s website is sticky – which means it stays on the page the whole time, even as users scroll. When clicked upon, it slides from up to down taking up the entire screen. After a smooth transition, on the right, there are several main menu items — pages to which a user can go directly.

A dynamic layout and compelling, interactive visuals are what Poppr is all about. They draw attention effortlessly keeping users engaged while they roam around.

To sum up, Poppr website design does an amazing job of emphasizing the agency’s offerings and features. Captivating visuals and compelling colors create a clear link between Poppr’s services, their purpose and the user benefit. Poppr strongly proves to be one of the top-rated best website design companies worldwide through this creation. 

When mixed with quality messaging, they create a synergy of elements that turn this website into a masterpiece and our pick for the Best Website Design award. Hands down!

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