IJC Museum Creative Homepage

IJC’s “Museum in the Cloud” puts museums on the ground to shame. The site is an ingenious utilization of the UI and UX scope that offers a spectacular site with out-of-this world 3D graphics that are architecturally non-invasive. Every aspect of this site leaves a clean, directional focus that allows users to focus solely on the featured Japanese art.

The homepage uses a brilliant deep scroll design that keeps the content to a minimum in order to lessen the time a user spends on the homepage and increase the time they spend in the museum. The welcome and ending pages are minimal, and yet clear and descriptive with each offering an outbound link to gain access to the museum.

Looking at the island from an aerial perspective allows the viewer to take in the setting as a whole. The resolution of the sky backdrop is impeccable and the darker shade of the translucent call-to-action button isn’t disruptive of the page’s ambiance.

Above the gray menu bar is where the user experience becomes interactive before entering the IJC. The purpose of the website is to draw attention to Japan’s art scene, as well as, the country as a whole. This serves as a great marketing tool for the IJC. While directional bar is noticeable, the white background doesn’t allow it to draw attention from the focal point of the page, which is the museum.

IJC Museum Creative Website Design

The “Museum in the Sky” includes several exhibits with a fascinating user interface that allows viewers to interact with the work on display.

The dark gray floors contrasting with the light-gray walls puts attention on the art. The design of each display is different, yet simplistic and easy to navigate. Each artist has their name carved into the wall, with a small “About Artist” icon which most often have videos of interviews with the artist.

Users can also click on a piece of work and look closer through 3D imaging and a 360-degree view. The camera icon allows the UX to become a viral commodity by allowing users to snap a quick screenshot and share it on social media. This feature helps viewers to share experience, while also driving traffic to the website.

IJC Museum Creative Product Page

All display rooms have 360-degree views, allowing viewers to see the works from an aerial perspective. For example, the Art Trip display room’s interactive 360-degree view allows viewers to see the interactive sitemap and navigate throughout the IJC museum.

Viewers interacting with this website will ask themselves two things, “why haven’t I visited Japan?” and second, “why in the world do I pay so much to get into a museum?” Both questions, is what IJC is after. Their design strategy by using artists and architects to formulate a whole three-dimensional design was brilliant and something museums and art galleries around the world should consider.

IJC Museum is a creative website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.