Uber Design Clean Homepage

Uber Design a branch of the Uber Corporation that focuses on digital design and graphic content creation. The home page features a very minimal, modernist interface that cements the company as in the moment and on the edge. The site immediately drops users into the prelude to their design portfolio. Uber Design is all about their work, no arbitrary design elements or flashy formatting crowds the page. It’s minimal, sleek, and incredibly forward. The point is immediately expressed, and the experience begins without hesitation. In brand, actuality, and experience, Uber Design is about their work and their resume of accomplishments. This UI is streamlined to reflect Uber Design’s professionalism and dedication.

Uber Design Clean Website Design

The next page, shown here, is an important aspect of the portfolio design and experience. This particular image depicts a specific part of the portfolio layout. The text blurb at the top of the page explains the image at the bottom, and the entire portfolio for that matter. Users are given insight into the thought, attention, and meaning put into the construction of the project. Again, Uber Design presents this alongside a minimal design scheme, further foregrounding the importance of their work, and now their process. They are their work and their process, and this page helps to provide that particular brand nuance.

Uber Design Clean About Page

The “About” page continues to complicate the very specific brand of the company. Here, a careers section features an image of modern professionals caught up in a moment of workplace harmony. Not only does this endorse the value of working for Uber Design, it also continues to develop their brand. Now, Uber Design is a full-bodied brand that involves work value, professionalism, process, and collaboration. The designer has completely overhauled their site’s layout to create the most specific corporate brand possible.

Uber Design is a clean website design in the Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.

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