Alchemy Digital Great Homepage

Alchemy Digital is a digital design agency that focuses on corporate branding and user outreach. They build world class websites for companies that want to do more with their web presence than simply advertise their product. They create rich experiences that stick with users long after they've left a site, and they do so in a way that builds brand specificity and user loyalty.

This home page demonstrates the way that Alchemy Digital has tried to design their site to reflect their subtle mastery of experiential web design. Across the website, Alchemy Digital uses circular visuals to create a consistent graphic experience for users. This home page features both a central image and menu icon that exist within a circular window. The simple graphic cohesion creates a definitive user experience that indicates Alchemy Digital’s capabilities without defining it into a box. By choosing to execute a more graphic and ambiguous design motif, Alchemy Digital is saying that they are capable, not contained.

Alchemy Digital Great Blog Section

The blog section of this website features several articles that Alchemy Digital has written in-house. Each article either details the exploits and takeaways of a previous Alchemy Digital project or exists as an entirely individual think piece meant to explore the many ideas and theories surrounding digital design.

Note that, once again, we’re seeing the visual motif of a circular frame. This extends the cohesive and evocative user experience of the site. Alchemy Digital is demonstrating that they are such a capable design agency, they're even able to create an experience out of nothing but circles. The blog page successfully continues the graphic consistency of the site while also adding function and utility to the page.

Alchemy Digital Great Projects Section

The portfolio page, again, clearly trods out the same visual palette as the rest of the site. Links to each case study are accompanied by a large circular icon, and the menu link is again contained within a circular frame.

Alchemy Digital refuses to break the sanctity of their abstract graphic experience at any point on their site, further reiterating how much they value creating specific user experiences. By bringing this particular UI to every page on their website, Alchemy Digital is visually communicating to users that they are an experience- and interface-focused digital design company, and they take this title seriously.

Alchemy Digital is a great website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.