Inly Clean Website Design Single-Page

Invoicing made simple and easy. That’s the Inly promise. Whether your business is just starting up or you’re re-designing how you do things, Inly works with you to make creating and sending invoices a painless and pleasant experience in their website design.

A blue background combined with a white font becomes the page’s initial foundation, catching your eye with its vividness.

The choice color is used down the entire page to tie everything together and back to your initial introduction to Inly. However, as you scroll down from that landing image, watch the blue and the white trade places. The backdrop fades into white and is on the lookout for the blue used in writings and even the displays! It creates a complementary appearance for you that’s easy on the eyes and fun to look through.

Seeing is believing and that’s exactly how Inly approaches showcasing their invoicing platform to you. Available on both desktop and mobile app, the page offers up a collection of demonstrative pictures. See sample invoices on phone and desktop mockups to give you an immersive moment of how it could work for you.

Drop shadows make the mockups pop off the page at you. The additional use of enlarged circles beneath different mockups helps to draw your attention to these displays, making sure that you take it in. The varying brilliant blues, purples, and greens in the shapes are a nice touch against the white background. It’s a great way to add variety to this creative website design.

As their focus is on simplicity, it’s no wonder that Inly creates a dynamic single page website design. The minimal features of the product mean there’s minimal to present you with and the company uses it to their advantage. However, to make it work, the page relies heavily on organization to make sure the information flows down the page.

The alternating use of blue and gray font, demonstrative models, and colored decorations are the foundation in guiding you between the type of information presented. You’re able to easily differentiate between each page segment, making your endeavor a pleasant one.

Vivid colors and beautiful mockups are a great design choice for a visually stimulating user experience. Organization makes the single page site easy to move through, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in everything Inly has to offer.

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