Mint Professional Homepage

Need a way to manage your financial situation that’s easy to use and easy to access anywhere through the use of your phone or tablet? Then turn to Mint, the money manager program designed to meet all your financial needs.

Color pops off the page as you land on Mint’s home page. Green, blue, and orange swirl together to create a vibrant display of imagery when you enter the website.

Designed to entice, the home page collects a variety of great facts about how downloading the program can benefit you.

These facts are divided up on the page with the help of colors. Gray and white alternate down the page for an easy visual transition between facts.

It makes your ability to read through the page a quick and efficient one by taking the guesswork out of where you’re going. As you move between the grey and white portions of the page, imagery from the program itself alternates left and right for diversity.

The overall design is easy on the eyes as it sets the simplistic tone for the rest of your experience on the website.

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Mint Professional Clean Blog Page

Finances are a tricky thing to understand no matter who you are and Mint wants you to know: they’ve got your back.

Whether you’re looking to understand personal budgeting, home financing, or more, Mint has compiled a blog designed to assist you in your endeavors.

Organization is everything for the blog as it becomes the guiding force to help you find the right articles for you.

The page relies on a white background to bring the primary element to life: the introductory image for each article. These images provide splashes of color across the entire blog, amping up the visual appearance as you scroll.

Drawing upon Mint’s company colors, the text used for posts combines a pattern of green, white, and black. The choice is a spectacular way to tie the entire page together and back to the overall site.

Vivid colors create a beautiful foundation for Mint’s website, offering a bright visual aspect for viewers to indulge in. High definition images allow for users to immerse themselves into every aspect of what the money manager program has to offer them. 

Mint is a professional website design in the Banking & Finance industry.

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