Time is Money Stunning Website Design

Time speeds away by the seconds and morphs into months and years. For translators, consultants, tutors, and other kinds of professionals whose services rely on time, tracking and calculating time for payment can be a real hassle. But now there is an app for that! Time Is Money is a digital wonder, providing a platform for easy calculation and payment protection that keeps professionals making the most of their time.

Playing with the branding themes for this app, the site design is clean and colorful with fun effects to attract users. Backgrounds are bright white or teal blue, and fonts appears in contrasting white or black. On the home page, a rapidly changing image of clocks and watches is cut out into lettering that spells TIME. Small icons and logos are responsive to user movement and outline circles and hands to simulate the face of a watch or flip over calendar pages with ticking numbers. The design elements convey a sense of urgency and the importance of this app.

Site navigation links situated in the upper right of the page are underlined by a teal blue that vanishes when users hover. When clicked, pages load with the same radiant blue that moves across the page diagonally like the arms of a clock before revealing the site page. Users can select from this menu, or they can simply scroll to move between the pages.

Wavy lines move rapidly across large lettering centered on the page, echoing the opening site design and recreating the same sense of timely urgency within the user experience. Illustrations and graphics with similar interactive functions scatter across the page, moving in a 3-D simulation as the mouse moves within the site. Headings in a slightly smaller font rotate interesting words to connect with the kinds of audiences prone to use the app. Short text paragraphs in rounded black type give users a snapshot of all the app’s functions and features. The site effectively uses space and size to create an immersive experience that connects with the product without wasting users’ valuable time.

Time is Money is a stunning website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.