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Orus’ Homepage Is An Unconventional Showcase Of Services And Value Propositions

Orus Executive Search is a Paris-headquartered company that specializes in headhunting and recruiting executives, experts and directors in retail, luxury goods, finance, IT, the digital sector and other industries.

Given their field of expertise, the company website looks and feels quite different to those in the same niche.

Highly technical, revolutionary and proficient in layout finesse, the company’s website achieves several key objectives: it keeps users engaged, provides a unified user experience throughout and testifies to the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Upon landing on the homepage, the visitor notices a lot of white space surrounding the copy communicating the main benefit for the prospect. This lays above the fold, expertly drawing the prospect into the conversion funnel.

The funnel continues with a varied showcase of the brand’s services, bullet-pointed unique value identifiers and call-to-actions. The running design theme throughout the homepage is unpredictability and surprise.

Elements overlay, parallax and motion effects, animations and sliders interact with high-end imagery and understated use of color to form a very strong first impression with visitors.

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Orus Executive Website Design

The Website’s Main Menu Ensures Seamless Navigation

The main navigation is easily noticeable upon landing: a simple menu points to six website sections, without any dropdown submenus.

The main navigation is not sticky as such, but as soon as the user scrolls down, it turns into a hamburger menu that stays on the page constantly. Clicking or tapping it opens a menu that looks exactly the same as the one above the fold.

As users hover their mouse cursor over it, each menu item is highlighted with a different color. The same shade is present on the corresponding page as a “theme color” which improves consistency in UX.

What is most striking about the menu navigation is the seamless transition.

There is no brief empty or dark screen transition during the loading of the new page – it appears as if the transition to a new page didn’t even happen.

This creates a welcome illusion that the website loads faster than it does – although, considering the amount of graphics and visuals, Orus Executive Search’s website delivers quite well in that regard anyway.

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Orus Executive Web Design Screenshot

Each Page On Orus’ Website Has A Theme Color And Uses Bold Graphic Elements

Moving on from the homepage, the visitor is compelled to visit the following pages: “The Company,” “What We Do,” “Expertise,” “Methodology,” “Applicant Space” and “Contact.”

Each page has a role to play in the overall conversion funnel, thanks to content tailored for every stage of the user journey. Each stage also gets a prominent and unique visual appeal, thanks to the specific color of each page.

For instance, “The Company” page has teal accents, while the “What We Do” page has light blue accents and so on. The color is present in part of the copy as well as headlines, graphics and background elements.

High-quality photography serves as eye candy but isn’t wholly without foundation in terms of storytelling and assisting conversion efforts. Every page is divided into different sectors: as the visitor scrolls, the current portion of the screen is occupied by the specific message.

The graphic elements come in various shapes and sizes: abstract vectors in the background, geometric lines that provide orientation and, above all, big quantities of white space for better focus and readability.

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Orus Executive Web Design Research

CTAs Are Well-Blended Into Their Surroundings While Copy Comes In Several Different Fonts

Scrolling down the homepage – or any other page – the user will occasionally encounter call-to-action buttons that are extremely well-integrated into the website surroundings.

However, despite going against CTA best practices – bold, contrasting colors that stand out – Orus has created highly-effective CTA buttons.

The CTAs use an elegant serif font and are the same color of the background against which they stand. When the user moves the mouse cursor over the button, the button edges animate and a new color slides in place of the old one.

Orus Executive Web Design Contact Us Page

The Orus Executive Search Website Is An Exercise In Opulence And Off-Beat Creativity

Orus’ website is quite different to what the audience is used to, especially given the brand’s niche and expertise.

Instead of opting for a traditionally conservative approach, this is a no holds barred website that challenges the notions of professional services web design.

The company’s description of itself explains:

“At ORUS EXECUTIVE SEARCH, we support the development of companies, both in French and internationally, as well as companies in the process of being set up or those going through mergers. Aware of the strategic and operational challenges facing companies, we have committed ourselves to providing services that meet your needs.”

Yet, behind the seemingly pedestrian and straightforward set of services is one of the most innovative and groundbreaking websites that could pave the way for a corporate website Renaissance.

A tasteful blend of minimal, clean design and interactive components delivers the most important aspect of any website – messaging – in a way that is engaging, fun and informative at the same time.

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