Stevenson Systems Elegant Homepage

With the value of real estate going up, it is important that potential sellers know the true value of their commercial real estate, which is exactly what Stevenson Systems aims to help their clients understand.

The company creates a sleek appearance on their website to showcase the professionalism with which they handle everything.

From the home page, potential clients have access to a header menu left-aligned along the top of the page. Settled against a white negative space, the menu presents each page title typed out in a sans serif font.

A complementary gray color is used for the page titles, keeping the appearance of the menu subtle against the rest of the page.

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Stevenson Systems Elegant Blog Page

With an ever-changing market, Stevenson Systems maintains a fluid company and works to keep clients and potential clients up-to-date through their News section.

The company tags each article they write based on the content of the piece. Articles are presented in a side-by-side grid format with three articles per row. The use of a white negative space and a pale gray page border allows the images used with the articles to pop out to clients.

Each article employs a dynamic of a pale grey and black sans-serif font, letting the title of the article stand out while the brief one-sentence summary fades within the page for subtle reading.

The dynamic creates a clean appearance that is easy to move through and understand. As potential clients move their cursor over articles, the footer text box of the article expands as if to invite them to read.

Stevenson Systems Elegant Testimonials Page

Offering up a service that is unlike so many others out there, Stevenson Systems understands the value in letting potential clients know what it is like to work with their company.

To ease the readers’ minds, the company offers up a number of testimonials from their past clients. Testimonials are lined up in a side-by-side row format with black-and-white images against a pale gray and white negative space.

The minimal approach allows for easy reading while giving potential clients the reassurance they need. 

Stevenson Systems is an elegant website design in the Real Estate industry.

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