Jess and Russ Elegant Homepage

If there was ever a perfect love story, it’s the story of Jess and Russ. With nothing more than a wonderful tale of love to share, Jess and Russ—with the help of several skilled friends—created this website to showcase their story.

Opening with an artistic, elegant design of their names, the first image visitors to this site see is a graphic of their names written among the stars. This simple nod suggests that their relationship was fate, written in the stars as their destiny to be with one another—a clever opening touch to the storytelling site.

Jess and Russ Elegant Website Design

This simple and sweet website is a single page format, offering no more than a moving timeline for visitors to dive into. Each part of their adorable narrative shares a piece of their story that comes together on a larger timeline. Every date is bolded and made to stand out in gold. Within each dated section is a part of the story where some words are set apart from the rest with a gold font instead of gray.

Every part of the timeline is broken down into chapters—like our own life stories can be deconstructed into wonderful sections. For Jess and Russ, the major points of their chapters are wrapped in golden frames and swirls. Similar to the chapter formatting in an actual book, the first letter of the paragraph in the frame is enlarged in gold instead of white like the rest of the text box.

Jess and Russ Elegant Website Design

Accompanied with each chapter is an image that moves with the scroll, and each one is a subtle nod to the many friends who have helped move their story along. Each illustration was given to them by a friend and at the bottom of every image, Jess and Russ place a hyperlink to that friend’s website.

Jess and Russ Elegant Contact Page

At the very end of their website, users learn that it’s only just the beginning of their story; the couple got married in a tiny ceremony and are preparing a larger party with friends and family. The website serves as an online RSVP for their guests around the world to utilize with a password given to them, and it offers a hyperlink to the charity they want to raise money for in exchange for wedding presents.

The original love story of Jess and Russ is elegantly depicted through their storytelling website. The classy and luxurious color scheme of black, white, and gold perfectly highlights the surrounding romantic graphics on each page. Users can’t help but get lost in the design’s tale of love and joy.

Jess and Russ is an elegant website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.