Wind & Words Amazing Homepage

Wind & Words is an interactive experience that combines the foremost issue in technology today with a particular piece of media that has captivated audiences around the world. Their activity uses cutting-edge, data-tracking technology to explore the trends of dialogue in the “Game of Thrones” television series. The activity tracks the frequency of a character’s name being mentioned, as well as who said it and to whom they were saying it.

The home page for Wind & Words effectively introduces the activity, capturing both the tone of the show and the etherealness of the data involved in the activity. The dark background, regal text, and smoke effect captures the darkness and lore of “Game of Thrones.” Additionally, the smoke graphic evokes the airy quality of words, dialogue, and data. The designer has used a very simple visual palette to set the right mood for the brand of the property users are viewing. This shows how design schemes need to synergize with both the tone and the functionality of whatever it’s representing.

Wind & Words Beautiful Interface

Here, the designer introduces the subject of the activity in a visually stunning and engaging way. Each of these borderless panels buttress up against one another, and as users pass their mouse over each, they expand and flow from left to right. From here, users are able to click on a character and move on to the body of the experience. This responsive interface is not only beautiful, but it also draws users into the persona of each character and the significance of the experience. Each panel showcases the character in an emblematic way, and when combined with the page’s responsiveness, it creates an immersive, aware experience that users will love.

Wind & Words Beautiful Website

Shown here is the interface of the activity, a large web of connections that visually represents the mentions of a particular character’s name. The exterior wheel features every character, and users can rotate the wheel to look more closely at each of their connections. The lines spanning the center of the wheel represents the dialogue connections that the characters have, and this, too, is interactive and responsive. The visual representation continues to immerse users in data in a way that data could never manage before. By creating a visual, interactive experience to represent the facts, the designer has constructed an experience like no other.

Wind & Words is an amazing website design in the Arts & Recreation and Technology industries.