HBO Now Minimal Homepage

HBO Now is an in-home streaming service that allows users to watch HBO content on demand in the comfort of their beds or couches. The service is vast, offering a wide library of titles. Their website has been designed to reflect the extent of HBO’s catalog, its prestige, and how HBO Now is easy and life-changing to use.

For example, the home page features a monolithic panel of titles that spans the history of HBO. They’re dimly lit and occupy an indiscernible dark space, as if they’re being housed in some hallowed hall. This design helps to brand HBO’s content as magnificent and historic. What’s more, it adds that HBO Now can bring this glorious catalog into your home, drawing users in and making the sale.

HBO Now Minimal About Page

HBO Now’s “About” page extends the comprehensiveness of the service by introducing a specific feature. The page advertises HBO Now’s ability to be watched on any screen at any time. The design foregrounds the potential and significance of watching on your mobile device, by animating what seems to be a tablet switching over the scene, bringing color to everything it passes. This communicates the idea that having HBO Now on your mobile device will transform every moment into something entertaining. The designer has created an excellent visual metaphor that continues to sell the product.

HBO Now Minimal Website Design

This last page has a very interesting, specific role in the general design of the site. It’s particularly significant to the brand and business objectives of HBO Now. This product page features an interface designed to compare and contrast the services available between HBO Now and HBO Go. It serves to distinguish the two products in a very simple, visual way that makes it easy for users to understand. What’s more, it addresses a very particular concern many potential users have had with the service, which is yet another example of design intelligence within the site. Across the website, the designer has asserted HBO’s role in the pantheon of television, and this final page serves to distinguish how HBO Now can bring this titanic content to you.

HBO Now is a minimal website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Entertainment industries.