Le Petit Cambodge Great Homepage

From enchanting the senses to generating a space for socialization, fine dining unites people with better versions of themselves, and it builds community among one another. Nowhere is this performed better than in the storied and romantic cafes and eateries spread throughout France. But, one restaurant is caring just as much for nature as it does for nourishing people. Located just outside of Paris, France, Le Petit Cambodge is home to two restaurants, serving only the best cuisine. To add to the allure of Le Petit Cambodge, one of their primary focuses is the development of a positive relationship with the environment, which is critical to the human experience.

Like the restaurants, the web design for Le Petit Cambodge is bright, clean, and colorful. Crisp images and videos of food preparation and the dining experiences from both restaurant locations greet users. Bright, yellow headers are echoed in font colors and rounded text, tempting the palates of tourists and locals alike.

Le Petit Cambodge Great Website Design

The navigation screen brings a solid-yellow menu to view, allowing users to select from simple options for their dining experience. The yellow hue emphasizes life. As users scroll, smooth text movements or underlining fills in empty visual space, and images change and shift as users explore each location. An interactive map allows users to find a restaurant near them.

Every page is followed by a floating, yellow dot with a telephone icon, encouraging users to call to make a reservation and experience this unique dining opportunity. As users reach the end of the site, they can take a visual tour of the dining locations by accessing various images or by engaging on social media. The yellow dot follows, and users can click on it to interact with various photos by using the dot’s zoom properties. The vitality and fresh spaciousness of the entire UX expresses the central mission of these dining sites: responsibility and relationships. 

Le Petit Cambodge is a great website design in the Food & Beverage industry.