Vallier Bistro Elegant Website Design

Vallier Bistro is a topnotch Montreal eatery, serving up Quebecois classics and comfort food. Their website design makes it clear that Vallier Bistro was designed with the user in mind.

Vallier hosts a single page website. A vertical menu to the left provides sticky navigation as the user scrolls. It also allows the user to jump to a desired section of the page, conveying thoughtful UX design.

The Vallier website may have a sophisticated design, but the photography and copy tell a slightly different story. The copywriting conveys that the owners of Vallier Bistro want to cultivate a warm and welcoming environment. Pictures of the food showcase hearty meals with cold brews, something everyone can get behind.

Usually on deep scroll pages for restaurants, an About section, or at least copy explaining what the company is comes before the menu. Vallier, on the other hand, leads with their strongest point, their delicious and diverse menu.

As the user scrolls through the menu, a white navigation bar appears to the left hand side that allows the user to click through their different menus. This provides a great way to organize large amounts of information on one page, without overwhelming the user.

The user may not initially realize that each image on the page is actually a slider. Hovering the cursor over an image causes the cursor to change into a giant, white arrow. The user can then click to see more pictures of the restaurant and tasty treats.

As each picture loads, a playful illustration of some kind of food, such as a drumstick or a slice of pie, appears to fill the negative space. This adds a thoughtful and spirited element to the page.

A parallax layout allows pictures and illustrations to add texture to the page. An illustration of different burger ingredients comes together into a complete burger as the user scrolls, encouraging the user to continue scrolling and mirroring the other playful features of the page.

Vallier aims to be a friendly restaurant with high quality food. Stunning photographs and charming illustrations combine to create a playful, yet elegant web page.

Vallier Bistro is an elegant website design in the Food & Beverage industry.

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