Left Hand Brewing Awesome Homepage

Every beer has its own personality -- and that personality is encompassed within this comprehensive homepage animation. The custom illustrations include the tiniest details that show the range of Nitro brews and speak to the consumers that may enjoy them. 

Left Hand Brewing Awesome Website Design

Thehero section of this beer's website feels a little like a David Lachapelle creation: Fit all the different elements you can imagine in one same place — even if they are not related and the end result doesn't quite make sense. This page fits the bill, with falling parachutes, monkeys with umbrellas, dancing goats, a river... and a bottle of beer.

As you slide to the next hero scenes, you get to know a little more about the beer, including the many unique flavors. From cocoa and coffee to spices to toffee, it seems like no matter your preference, you'll find something just right for you. This idea may be why the website's first image composition has so many sides and personalities within it.

Click on the top navigation to know even more about this beer or scroll down to discover the small navigation images associated with the different sections of this website.

Left Hand Brewing is an awesome website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.