Austin Eastciders Great Website Design

Austin Eastciders website is a playful approach to product marketing. Each webpage uses a high-resolution video as the backdrop, enticing users to learn more about their product.

The website uses parallax scrolling across the website, enhancing the  UI and UX interface. The typography's simple font and color is bold, and it encourages users to interact with the website.

Austin Eastciders Great Menu Design

Austin Eastciders menu deserves an honorable mention because of its innovative design. It’s visible across all of the pages, but its use of UI interface is incredible. When a user click on the word “ciders,” a horizontal drop-down menu appears. Instead of inserting content, Austin Eastciders uses images of each product. Visitors glide over the cans to learn more about each specific flavor.

Austin Eastciders’ website is a visual powerhouse that takes advantage of web design, allowing users to interact with their product. Its simplistic style, friendly user interface, and color hex are what make the website an intriguing, sophisticated approach to company branding.  

Austin Eastciders is a top website design in the Food & Beverage and E-commerce & Retail industries.