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Little Workshop’s WebVR Showroom is an interactive, interior design experience meant to sell users on specific items and the brand of the company in general. The activity allows users to move about a three-dimensional showroom to engage with the furniture they find. Additionally, people with VR compatibility are able to experience the activity in full immersion via their VR headsets.

As soon as users enter the site, they’re immediately exposed to the showroom and a small menu. The panel to the left explains the impetus of the experience, and it allows users to select whether they’ll be engaging in the VR or browser form of the experience. Once a user clicks to begin the activity, the menu slides out, and the image of the showroom consumes the page. This serves as an excellent gateway into the experience, and it sets the tone for the rest of the activity to come.

Little Workshop Engaging Website Design

Here, we see a viewpoint from inside the experience. Users are able to actually walk across the floor of the showroom, drawing closer to each piece and engaging with them in a variety of ways. Whatever catches the user’s eye is up for grabs. Viewers using the browser form of the site can click to engage with the furniture, while those using VR can actually grab it with their handset.

The experience is all-encompassing, allowing users to manipulate almost every object in the room. This is critical to transforming the site from simply a cool activity to a powerful sales tool. By allowing users to fully immerse themselves and engage with the pieces on a very personal level, the designer has made the sales process less abstract and, thus, easier to manage.

Little Workshop Engaging Product Page

Finally, the product pages capture the level of engagement users have with each piece. Upon clicking one of the items, users are prompted to select a color and upholstery option displayed in the spheres at the bottom of the screen. As they select a sphere, the couch transforms before their very eyes, capturing the specific swatch the user selected. This makes the experience more worthwhile. Users are able to visualize in full 3D what every piece could look like in their own home, making sales even easier.

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