Tram House Playful Website Design

The Desires Tram Website Turns Construction Into A Story

The Desires Tram website is a site dedicated to highlighting a housing complex in Voronezh, Russia. This residential compound gets a magical facelift in the form of a playful tram who guides users along their journey throughout the website.

But to tell the story in all of its glory, the team at Desires Tram turned to design agency Red Collar to create a bombastic and intuitive web design that captures the essence of the brand and the heritage behind their creations in a stunning and playful way.

Here’s what the Red Collar team had in mind when creating this powerful concept:

Desires Tram is not an ordinary house, it’s a city legend. The place where a fairytale is born and all desires come true. A mix of architectural forms and solutions from different countries and ages, a combination of retro style and modern comfort. The magic starts here!To create a unique, inspiring site for a new residential compound. It should contain all information about prices, documentation and have a detailed and easy-to-understand apartments catalog.We created an immersive to a legend interactive promo page and combined it with traditional website sections.

And the elegance is clear as day in this digital destination.

Tram House Vintage Website Design

Desires Tram’s Web Design Utilizes Creative Animation And Playful Music To Take Users On An Informative Journey

Thie creative website is jam-packed full of exciting and engaging animation. From loading screens to horizontal scrolling, movement makes up the backbone of this cool and retro website design.

This is a website that delves into the history of a building complex — highlighting the influence of trams on architecture and style. Red Collar wanted to capture the movement of everyday life to make this experimental web design one that everyday people could relate to. And so they decided a dynamic nature was the best way to do that.

This website tells a story. It leads people on a journey and spurs them to keep reading. With circular text movement, interactivity and a demanding presence, this website tells the story of this housing complex and its romantic influences.

This Russian housing website turns real estate on its head, pulling users in and keeping them engaged.

Every page holds some kind of movement which keeps the website alive and full of a vivacious energy. Images slide into view and text flies in. Animations dance and rotate, and interactive CTAs get you intimately involved.

And the enchanting music that plays in the background rounds out this whole experience. Sound effects occur when the page changes and when you interact with the design.

This is an extremely approachable design, with movement that inspires and keeps you reading.

Learning about architecture and housing complexes aren't exactly the most exciting endeavor — even if you’re in the market for a new home. This brand knows that, so instead they created a site that played out like a fun-filled story. A tram walks you through the history, heritage and legacy of the brand. And you feel that movement as you slide from left to right in a smooth, compelling and captivating way.

This movement streamlines navigation, getting you from section to section of this single-page design with ease, lulling you further along the story and giving you a better understanding of how this complex came to be.

Tram House Top Webisite Design

This Engaging Platform Fosters A Sense Of Excitement With Interactivity

It’s not just the creative and retro movement in this design that makes it engaging, playful and fun. It’s also the interactive elements that keep you scrolling along that makes this website a smooth and exciting dream.

There’s a bubbly and enchanting element to this design that comes from the overall theme and animations, but there is also an experimental aspect that encourages you to get involved. And if you don’t, you won't be able to make it throughout the site.

There is no menu bar in the design to lead you throughout the site. There are no shortcuts. To get to the end, you have to play along. You have to slide the key into the keyhole. You have to scroll down in order for the page to shift left. You have to press buttons and move content just enough in order for it to stay in view.

This was a very deliberate choice by the designers. Interactivity breeds engagement and excitement. It makes users act, and forces them to absorb the content they’re interacting with. It also makes it harder for them to just skim the site, move on from it and forget. No, playful and deliberate interactive elements make designs stand out, and they force users to pay attention.

This only elevates the design — and doesn’t detract from the valuable story playing along with the page. It adds depth and talent — showing users that this is a brand that isn’t afraid to get creative in order to connect with consumers.

The interactive qualities of this design lighten the mood, spur to action and force users to think. This is a promotional design to shed light on a new housing complex — and this interactive quality will ensure that visitors will keep this site in mind the next time they’re looking for property.

Tram House Retro Website Design

The Desires Tram Portal Gives Off An Old-School Vibe With A Vintage Theme

Another fantastical element to this design is the overall playful theme. This isn’t a corporate site, nor is it a site with an outwardly modern, refined and sophisticated feel. But it still holds an authority and a powerful story that makes it a stand out design across industries.

In order to be trustworthy, a website doesn’t have to be edgy and modern — it just has to give consumers the content they’re looking for when they’re looking for it. And this does just that.

But in lieu of going modern, chic and sophisticated, this website went with a retro, almost vintage theme that better captured the influences that went into creating the building itself. And it used the character of an old-school Russian tram to lead users on their inviting and informative journey.

This new building in Voronezh, Russia was created with a romantic, old-school style in mind. It aims to capture the class and sophistication of 20th century Russia, back when trams were a big thing. And these trams worked as an influence in the overall building design.

Therefore, it makes sense that the designers behind this website worked to capture that same essence in its experimental design. This is a story, after all. And you can’t tell a story without setting the scene. This retro theme works to do that. And you can see it in the subdued, brown color scheme that makes up the background and accompanying images. It’s clean, clear and direct.

But it also works as a serene and straightforward backdrop to the images and text that dance in, slide and twirl around.

The typography is vintage in nature, giving off a regal, creative and playful vibe. And these images are equally compelling, capturing the old-school essence of Russia and its classical vibes.

Faded photography, antique imagery and vintage designs add to this theme and create an atmosphere of lightness, authenticity and creativity.

Vintage is in — it’s a design trend that is back in style, compelling people to keep engaging. And this design makes great use of it.

Tram House Creative Website Design

The Desires Tram Website Gives Real Estate A Playful Edge

This real estate website plays with retro elements to create an atmosphere perfect to tell a good story. And this overall theme plays throughout the entire design — from its soothing transitions, playful movement and happy animations and beyond. And it’s also found in the interactive elements that pull users in and keep them reading further along the page.

This is an exciting and bold website. It’s a design that captivates with creativity and pure talent. And it does so in an out-of-the-box way.

Instead of creating a corporate site with all the intuitive bells and whistles, this website chose to tell a story about history, heritage and influence. It’s not here to necessarily make people want to buy an apartment, but it is here to stick in their minds and bring back an authenticity and a powerful essence to Russian real estate.

A magical tram takes you on a journey. It depicts the old-world influences that went into this building's creation. You can see this in the theme — full of vintage color and imagery. But dynamic movement keeps you engaged —  horizontal scrolling is soothing and pacifying while the intuitive animations keep you excited and engaged.

Then there’s the interactivity — the design forcing you to get involved. Once you start, you just can’t stop. And that’s the point of this whole design.

It’s a website that wants to tell a story, a good story, and it wasn’t you to listen intently.

This storytelling platform is innately engaging, though it’s a simple design with a simple goal — to inform. But it doesn’t give you the chance to get bored along the way.

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