Lois Jeans 2013 Colorful Website Design

Lois Jeans is a young, spirited brand with a cool edge to it, and the imagery and design of this website expresses just that. With a color-heavy theme, the lookbook photos are very colorful, not only because of the powdered color pigments, but also because most of them have some sort of colored filter applied in Photoshop.

Considering Lois' MVP are the denim jeans, this color treatment adds a lot of unexpected life to this website. This is aided by the movement in the photos and the video playing in the background. When users click on the lookbook photos, an overlay with the zoomed in image is expanded so the user doesn't need to leave this page to see more about the products. Nnothing was left to chance on this website's design -- even the color changing preloader adds to this perfect brightness.

Lois Jeans 2013 is a colorful website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.