Neiman Marcus Luxury Website Homepage

Who does not know about Neiman Marcus -- the famous retailer of high fashion clothing and accessories? Bring out your best fashion sense by splurging on an online shopping trip with this incredible retailer.

Make yourself familiar with the impressive new lines at Neiman Marcus! A collection of vibrant and eclectic photographs line the company’s home page, giving you a stunning preview of what Neiman Marcus has to offer you. From dresses to suits to accessories, you instantly know that you’ll find something for everyone in your family and more!

As you scroll between photographs, the page employs a monochromatic black and white color scheme with accents of pale gray. The choice is a smart one as your attention is drawn solely to the vibrancy of each product line the company has to offer.

Moving down the homepage, you’ll find the occasional colored accents such as yellow or pink to coordinate with the images. These accents work wonders to pull your eyes into the direction of certain products Neiman Marcus wants to highlight for you.

The stunning website design emphasizes product awareness through the company’s heavy reliance on visual displays. You can’t help, but want to look more into what they have to offer. 

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Neiman Marcus Lookbook Retail Website

Explore a new way to be introduced to Neiman Marcus’s updated fashion line by making use of the company’s lookbook. Continuously updated, you’ll find yourself faced with the latest trends available in the store.

The lookbook presents like an online magazine, settled on a pale gray background. The vibrant magazine presents you with line after line of gorgeous items, giving you a great idea of how to build your shopping list!

As you peruse, you’re able to flip the pages back and forth however you want and as many times as you want. The interactive platform is a fantastic way to get you actively involved in your own experience on the website. It’s the perfect way to hand the control over to you while still maintaining the impact of Neiman Marcus products.

Neiman Marcus is a leading name in the fashion industry with products that speak for themselves! Keeping this in mind, the company relies strongly on dynamic images to build user intrigue. The inclusion of lookbook allows for an interactive user experience that keeps the potential customers engaged.

Neiman Marcus is a great website design in the Fashion & Beauty, E-Commerce & Retail and Luxury industries.

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