Rum Chata Beautiful Homepage

RumChata is an amazingly versatile drink. With its signature rum and horchata flavors, RumChata is evocative of Latin American paradise. With bold colors and a tropical aesthetic, the RumChata website perfectly captures beachy vibes.

The RumChata home page immediately hits the user with bold, multidimensional imagery. In the background, an animation of palm trees blowing in the wind sets up the beachy themes of the web page. Overlaid with a bright blue color, it immediately grabs the eye.

In the foreground, a parallax effect makes the bottle of RumChata look three dimensional. The white bottle is nicely framed by the blue background, giving the bottle even more dimension. To the left, copy appears in a rustic black typeface. With English and Spanish script, RumChata is sure to highlight the Latin American tradition behind their brand.

As the user scrolls, a white button to the right, featuring sticky navigation, provides the only navigation tool visible. Scrolling through the deep scroll layout, full screen images with textured, tropical backgrounds echo the aesthetic of the opening images.

A social marketing wall spotlights tweets over a high resolution image of the sun coming through palm branches. The social media wall reposts tweets from followers about how much they love the brand, the 21st century version of a testimonial. The social media wall not only encourages fans to tag RumChata in posts, it also serves to cultivate trust in the brand.

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Rum Chata Beautiful Product Page

A way RumChata adds concrete value to the life of the user while promoting their brand is with recipes. By providing unique recipes that can only be made with RumChata and featuring video how-tos, they really amp up their content marketing game. 

The home page and the Recipes page pay special mind to highlight seasonal recipes. Not only is this a great way to leverage the holiday spirit, but the seasonal ingredients create a sense of urgency in the user.

With striking images, recipes, and videos, RumChata has the content marketing game down pat. Seasonal elements might be a big draw from users, but one thing is for sure -- on the RumChata web page, there’s always sunshine.

Rum Chata is a beautiful website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.

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