Flambette Clean Homepage

The Airy Flambette Website Matches The Cleanliness Of Its Products

Flambette is a beauty and fragrance brand that was founded in 2016 by two friends. The brand specializes in fragrances, candles and soaps that are full of tantalizing scents and relaxing fumes.

And their website matches the beauty and elegance of these delicate products.

When you create natural, handmade products where simplicity is the brand, then the website should match that elegance and lightness throughout.

Flambette features handmade candles, soaps and room sprays. The labels are simple and clean. And Flambette has done an expert job of making their website suit the products they create by matching the look and feel of their packaging and design.

The Flambette website is very bright and clean. As you scroll down the site, the products are displayed alongside clean, simple blue typography. The menus are very small as they are not completely necessary and don't want to distract.

There are links to social media accounts where more product photos can be seen which is a modern and intuitive addition that elevates this design even further.

The “About” page is as simple as the main page of the website. The photo immediately draws the attention of visitors and the decor in the photo also fits the feel of the design in its minimalism and breathlessness.

Everything is very thoughtfully aligned with the underlying theme of simplicity. The blue typography on top of a white background matches the labels used on the Flambette products. Everything ties together perfectly.

With so many websites using bright colors, stunning animations, and eye-popping effects, it can be tempting for any website designer to try and stuff as many features into a website as they possibly can.

Flambette proves that staying true to your brand is the most important aspect of building a website. A clean, simple website can be just as effective as the most cutting-edge websites as long as they suit the brand.

Flambette Clean Product Page

Subtle Scrolling Effects Put The Products On Clear Display

As you scroll down this website, you’re met with a very straightforward design of moving product images, delicate typography and simple content blocks that give you a peek into the products and show users what they can expect.

And to help put these delicate and enchanting soaps, sprays and candles on clear display, the site incorporates subtle scrolling effects to bring them into focus.

This site relies heavily on bold product images. These high-resolution product shots slide into view as you scroll, and the content that complements them also slide into view, grabbing your attention and putting the emphasis on the products.

The simple, elegant and serene headers that match these content modules also slide into view. And it really does a great job at directing the user’s attention right where the brand wants it.

Product pages infuse this dynamic movement as well. Product images change in gif form, with the different candles and soaps appearing one right after the next. This is something that is difficult to miss, and again reminds consumers what this brand is in the business of.

Movement immerses users immediately into a design because it captivates the senses quicker and more sharply. And here, the movement is so subtle and serene that it actually adds to the overall peaceful and tranquil vibe of the design that emphasizes the products and their soothing qualities.

Flambette Clean Website Design

Straightforward Menus Lead Users On A Powerful Buyer’s Journey

Not only is this site simple in its layout and imagery, but it is equally straightforward and streamlined in its menu and navigation systems. When the website is minimized, the menu bar sits like a hamburger menu in the top left corner.

When clicked, the menu bar slides in from the left and showcases the limited sections of the site in an elegant, handwritten typeface. These direct users immediately to one of the three product pages, and the about, contact or retailer section.

It’s bold and straightforward and makes for a streamlined buyer’s journey that takes the stress and the guesswork out of finding the right scent that matches your personality and your lifestyle.

But when in full form, these menus are even more serene and enchanting. The separate sections line the sides of the website. In the bottom left-hand corner, the informative pages of the site line the edge and run up the page. They are written out in a simple, blue cursive font and are just bold enough to notice but not bold enough to distract.

In the top right-hand corner, the three product pages run down the page along the side. They're written in the same typography that fosters a peaceful consumer journey that is delicate and effervescent.

When you get to the product pages, these products are lined up in a grid and are represented by numbers. Rolling over with your mouse illuminates a product image and one more click takes you to a comprehensive page that details the product and provides you with another CTA to buy.

The navigation here is breathtaking and breezy. And it makes for an exciting buyer’s journey.

Flambette Bright Website Design

Flambette's Web Design Has A Straightforward & Intuitive Online Checkout, Ensuring Consumers Complete Their Purchase

One of the most critical aspects of an e-commerce website is the checkout section. This is where most people leave a purchase never to return. There are a lot of ways to ensure that your checkout is robust and powerful, and the Flambette checkout is one of the winners.

Users can put products into their bag with ease and efficiency. The CTA to add these products is a simple “Buy” and users can choose to immediately enter this section as soon as a product has been added.

Once there, the website makes it very clear all of the steps a user will have to take to complete their purchase. These are made up of clever icons that line the top of the page. And users can click from part to part with ease to complete the purchase at their own leisure.

For instance, if they want to input billing and shipping information before they sign in or register, all they have to do is click on the appropriate icons at the top of the page and then voila!

This puts the power in the hands of the consumer and builds a trust between user and brand. It doesn’t stress out the user or make them uncomfortable. Instead, it’s a peaceful and serene process that matches the branding as a whole and the experience of the entire website.

Flambette Intuitive Website Design

What Is Flambette?

Flambette is a French beauty company founded in 2016 by two friends. The brand offers soaps, sprays and candles in a variety of enchanting and captivating scents. And there is a passion behind the creation of these products.

This brand has humble roots, with the two coming together to create these products starting in their own homes. But they’ve always infused a dedication into these products that give them a tangible personality.

“Treating yourself to a Flambette is a promise to enjoy every minute.”

And these products definitely make you stop, think and breathe.

Here’s the Flambette story right from the creators themselves:

Friends for more than a decade, Marie-Michelle and Tania have always known this was no coincidence. It all started with scribbled and meticulously folded pieces of paper, somewhere between the MySpace era and their obsession with One Tree Hill. Sharing laughs, tears, clothes and celebrity gossips for half their lives, they had been through many firsts together : first crush, first period, first hangover, first heartbreak. It was now time for them to jump into their first business together. Since they were both designers (one graphic, the other floral), creative artists, manually skilled and in a constant quest of great and beautiful, it was only natural for them to create a product that’d be as lovely as it is comforting. That’s how, in October 2016, the flame was lit. And rumor has it that it is not about to blow out.

This brand has grown in popularity and product offering. And the website is the perfect platform to showcase these magnificent products and the talent behind them.

Created in a straightforward, almost single-page design, this website ditches all the fancy bells and whistles to create a humble, engaging platform that makes it easy for consumers to find the products that will put them at ease.

Flambette Sleek Website Design

The Success Behind The Simple Flambette Site

The success of this innovative website comes from the simplicity of its design. And that simplicity matches the elegance and cleanliness of the products themselves. This is a very intuitive design choice that elevates branding and gives the company a modern and authoritative edge.

Match this simplicity with light and airy imagery and typography, and you’ve got a journey that is peaceful and serene.

Subtle scrolling effects add movement that draws the eye exactly where the brand wants it to go. And a straightforward menu and checkout process ensures that users are stress-free throughout their entire experience.

This website wants to make it easy for consumers and takes out any unnecessary guesswork. And it does so beautifully.

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