MacCoffee Cappuccino Di Torino Website Design

Standout features:

  • Fully gamified user experience
  • Attention-grabbing full-screen video
  • Option of sharing a personal gamified product on social media

Kruchenas’ website for MacCoffee Cappuccino Di Torino is a unique entry in this list as it uses gamification to attract, engage and retain its visitors.

The website’s opening sequence has a full-screen video in the background, telling a story of a young woman’s morning routine (that involves a cup of foamy MacCofee Cappuccino) taking a comically dramatic turn.

The twist here is that, in order to proceed to the main portion of the website, a user has to draw a circle with their mouse/trackpad “to make coffee”. This activates the main single-page website that also comes with a series of similar gamified tasks. Completing them takes the visitor through different stages of their user journey.

With each completed task, the accompanying messaging explains the benefits of this product, which finishes with adding the chocolate powder to the cup – also shareable via the user’s social media.

By mimicking the process of making a cup of coffee in a virtual environment, MacCoffee Cappuccino Di Torino's website manages to prolong the average time on site durations for each visitor.

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