Florida Milk Gorgeous Homepage

Got milk? Florida Milk is a network of farmers who have dedicated their lives to raising cows and raising standards for milk everywhere.

It’s milk, so naturally, the first thing to greet you on the site is a gorgeous photograph of cows! The stunning black and white cows contrast the vibrant yellow text circle in the center of your screen. It’s a bright, but fun way to start your adventure on Florida Milk’s site.

The homepage compiles a little bit of everything the site offers into one scroll, giving you a teaser preview that helps you decide where to go. Pay close attention, though. Colors are key in telling when you’ve transferred from one subject area to another.

Florida Milk Gorgeous Blog Page

The dairy industry is a big one with a lot of things happening so Florida Milk creates an extensive blog to help you keep up with it all. From hurricane recovery news to vet care, you’ll find everything you never knew you had an interest in on their blog. Your focus falls to the center of the page where a table of the latest posts is neatly organized. The same formatting of a teaser image and simple font title creates uniformity in the blog, making it a breeze for you to take in several post samples at once without distraction.

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Florida Milk Gorgeous About Page

Being a network of dairy farmers, it’s no wonder Florida Milk wants to showcase the cows they raise. These featured ladies represent their entire breed of cows as there are hundreds of cows within the network. Going down the left side of the page, you’ll find large circular photographs to show you what each cow looks like and, boy, are they full of personality! The pictures are clear and fun to look at as you acquaint yourself with the different breeds. The vibrant colorings of each cow pop off the page, thanks to the plain background so you really get a feel for the richness of these animals’ coats. Familiarize yourself with fun facts written beside each photograph. It’s a light-hearted way to help you get to know where milk comes from.

Florida Milk uses vivid images and bright colors to introduce users to the large network of farmers (and cows) that supply their milk. The highly informative website opts to create a fun and light atmosphere that makes the user experience a pleasant one.

Florida Milk is a gorgeous website design in the Agriculture and Food & Beverage industries.

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