Quay Clean Website Design

Quay is a restaurant in Sydney, Australia, but their website unfolds more like an artist’s portfolio. Landing on the home page, luxury is the name of the game. The user will meet a full screen video showing a close up of the chef cooking food. The images show food elevated to the realm of art.

High resolution photography captures the intimate details of the food, sizzles and all. The textures of the different plates and marble countertops highlight the unique textures and colors of the food.

On the top of the screen, a transparent navigation menu hosts the Quay logo which combines a thin, spacious sans serif typeface with cursive script. The navigation bar also features a “Reservations” button. This button appears again, superimposed over the video, highlighting the importance of this function.

A white bar appears beneath each link on the navigation bar as the user hovers over it, creating a user responsive function that helps to guide the eye of the user. Monochromatic illustrations just beneath the navigation bar lead to Quay’s social media pages.

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Quay Clean Checkout Page

The other pages on the Quay web page mirror the same full screen images and deep scroll layout. The central image on the Reservations page features a bright orange meal on a white plate, creating a bright and colorful contrast. A white arrow encourages the user to scroll on.

Clicking a button on the Reservations page causes a new window to popup. Popups can be annoying, but in this case they serve to grab the user’s attention and organize information. The popup allows the user to browse the calendar for available dates and time. Selecting a date prompts the user to a reservation form, taking the stress out of making a reservation and conveying purposeful UX design.

Quay manages to infuse their culinary delights with artistry. With high resolution images and videos, the Quay website is perfectly able to capture this point. 

Quay is a clean website design in the Food & Beverage, Hospitality and Luxury industries.

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