Amazing Homepage is the home page of Corona Germany. Through smart photography and textured illustrations, Corona is able to capture their brand’s beachy aesthetic in the middle of Central Europe.

On the home page, a video plays of people at the beach. Above, an animation runs featuring an illustration of a Corona beer bottle. White sans serif text appears that reads, “This is Living,” evoking the idea that drinking Corona is a lifestyle choice. The campaign video plays on loop, repeatedly drawing the user into the marketing.

To the left, a navigation bar hosts three sections in the three Corona colors, blue, yellow and white, mirroring the colors of a Corona beer bottle. At the top of the navigation bar the iconic Corona logo appears, framed in white negative space.

A yellow arrow in the right hand corner responds to the motions of the cursor, adding movement to the page and drawing the user deeper into the web page.

Keeping content marketing in mind, the very next segment of the web page features their hashtag in a rustic, yellow font, mirroring the color scheme of all of Corona’s marketing. Corona’s hashtags reappear throughout the home page. Below, a marketing video and a link to their Spotify playlist add to the multimedia experience. High resolution photography of the beach and social media posts round out the home page.

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A yellow navigation bar at the top of their social media wall allow the user to click through reposted Instagram pictures.

Reposting from followers is a great way to encourage fans to generate free content marketing. Reposts feature stunning photography of the beach, echoing the aesthetic of the home page and reinforcing brand image. The endless scroll layout of the social media wall encourages users to continue engaging.

Corona wants to be your first choice for beer whether you’re at the beach or out on the town. By cultivating a strong brand image, Corona manages to make drinking a bottle of beer feel like a day at the beach, even if you are in the middle of a continent.

Corona Deutschland is an amazing website design in the Food & Beverage industry.

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