Masonry Beautiful Homepage

Masonry is a multifaceted design agency that works with their clients to create bold and lasting brands.

Opening to a dynamic combination of high-definition video clips and sliding animations, Masonry's website design piques your curiosity with the diverse imagery depicted. You can dive into the day-by-day of the company from the very moment you enter their site.

Tastefully introducing users to their branding capabilities, the company places their logo over the video. Large and in the middle of the page, you won’t forget them anytime soon.

Easy navigation is the difference between an okay site and a great site for users. Masonry understands this and gives users a simple but in-depth menu to utilize. The drop-down option of the header menu offers up a white backdrop to simplify reading the page titles. Expanding the menu, sample pictures of subpages are made available to guide you through the site. 

Masonry Beautiful About Page

The roadmap to success is one that is carefully planned out, something Masonry is determined to showcase for you.

The site presents the company’s process to a creative design by way of a visually appealing roadmap. A complementary combination of brown arrows and orange logo illustrations walks your way through the map with an easy sense of direction.

Each logo is a basic illustration to represent something involved in that step, adding a sense of character to the design. The light brown background is infused with the company’s logo that scrolls with you, a little constant reminder of the company you’ll surely want to do work with.

The approach is immersive for users, creating a light-hearted perception of the serious process.

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Masonry Beautiful Blog Site

As a dynamic name in the digital marketing industry, Masonry retains an extensive amount of knowledge on marketing and more.

To share this knowledge with users, the company creates a visually stimulating blog. The grid format is evenly spaced on a white background, making reading easy. Abstract images add a flair of color to the plain appearance and complement the bright coloring of each post title.

Choosing innovative ways to share their brand with users, Masonry creates a dynamic website design complete with an in-depth menu and intuitive user experience. Abstract imagery and bright colors complement the design, making for a visually pleasant site. 

Masonry is a beautiful website design in the Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.

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