Ammunitiongroup Clean Website Design

Ammunition is a global leader in digital web design. The company's experimental style and ability to embrace the user experience makes it an imaginative outlook on web design. Its vivid and bold, offering a simple sitemap and deep scroll design.

Every color or piece of content has a purpose. The home page’s mustard-yellow backdrop enhances the parallax-inspired imagery of the cameras by manipulating a look with three-dimensional illusion in a two-dimensional space.The menu bar is simplistic, keeping with the theme of the website.  Each one word menu title gives the users, a call to action and is a brilliant use of the UI conceptualization.

Ammunitiongroup Clean About Page

The about page is worth mentioning because it’s simplistic, but personable. It gives a face to the name, and that’s important to user perception. The light gray backdrop, and the dark-colored clothing draws attention to the staff member in the photo. Every pose, smile, or positioning is an homage to individuality. It's a brilliant use of the UI conceptualization by going after viewer imagination, keeping the focus on sitemap navigation.One thing to point out is the non-existent content. Most about pages give an overview of the company, however Ammunition takes a different approach. Using graphics and imagery means that the company is relying heavily on visual perception. When content is missing or is as good as non-existent on the page, it’s intentional.

Ammunitiongroup Clean Portfolio Page

The portfolio page is a 3x3 grid that showcases Ammunition’s work with various clients and industries. Each panel was arranged based on the color hex to make the page aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It pulls heavier colors towards the middle and lighter colors on the outer layers to give the gallery, a refined look. Viewers can click on each picture and see the “view the project” call to action button. It then hyperlinks to the project page which that uses visual testimonials to bring attention to their work.

Ammunitiongroup Clean Website Design

Ammunition uses visual weaponry to capture site visitors and new clients. Their image driven website is a testament to their ability to use visual perception to reinforce UI and UX structure. It’s an originative concept that’s helping them win the web design battle, making them a powerhouse in digital design.

Ammunitiongroup is a best website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.