The Coloradan Beautiful Homepage

Welcome to the neighborhood… the Coloradan neighborhood that is. Taking residential living to a whole new and exciting level, the groundbreaking project wants to invite you in to explore all that it has to offer.

Located near the heart of Denver’s Union Station, the Coloradan aims to create a new way of living by bringing you a new lifestyle and social experience.

The neighborhood is the emphasis on the home page as you enter the website. Scroll just a tiny bit and take in the beautiful skyline that could be your next home.

Denver’s Union Station sits clear in the center of the page while the rest of the city fades outward around it. The three-dimensional effect creates a deep visual that’s only amplified by the bottom image fade into a solid background. The choice is brilliant as it ties the rest of the homepage with the singular introductory image that catches your attention.

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The Coloradan Beautiful About Page

Navy, gold and gray combine to create a regal color scheme as you explore what the Coloradan and the company behind it are about. It’s a muted combination that doesn’t draw the focus away from everything the Coloradan has to offer up, creating a message-centric design. The message comes together with the use of simplified font, photographs, and state of the art illustrations. The combination works in your favor by laying everything out in an organized format that’s easy to follow and easy to fall into.

The Coloradan Beautiful Contact Page

A dynamic project still in the works, the Coloradan has a well-laid-out plan for how the build is going to go. That projected timeline is something they’re readily sharing with you. Presented in a highly simplified manner, the timeline is set against a gorgeous dark backdrop so each bit of it stands out. The dates are brilliantly gold in color, making each one easily discernible and drawing its own attention. As you move from date-to-date, basic illustrations create lines between dots in a visually simple design. It’s easy on the eyes, but still engaging as you learn about the projected time frame.

As the Coloradan gets closer to opening up for residents, the prospect of a new way of living becomes more exciting for users. The sleek combination of regal colors and vivid imagery allows users to create their own message, perceiving how the Coloradan will impact their lives.

The Coloradan is a beautiful website design in the Real Estate industry.

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