Ntgrate Clean Homepage

Ntgrate offers new high performance flooring. At ntgrate®, design goes hand in hand with a high-tech production process. State-of-the-art weaving machinery and the best jacquard machines produce high-quality floor tiles and planks. ntgrate®’s woven vinyl flooring meets the strong aesthetic and technical aspects of commercial flooring.

Since the information explosion has been a big problem in the digital world, going for a simple layout instead of a complex one is the key to keeping readers interested. Ntgrate shows a good example of using whitespace wisely. In addition to improve the readability and website performance, whitespace also helps their products stand out. How so? Due to the nature of the products, the contrast between the textured images/backgrounds and whitespace is impactful. Overall, minimalist style creates this simple and elegant look and feel; half-screen parallax effect grabs user attention; crisscrossing layouts guide the eye of the audience.

Ntgrate Clean Product Page

For “Product” landing page, the wording for three collections adds an interesting touch of humanity. The way they layout the imagery banner, rotating gallery and messaging is remarkably beautiful. It really makes the personality of each collection shine.

Ntgrate Clean Product Page

Onto the detail page of each collection, the expanded window of each swatch is always moved to stick to the header, in which the call-to-action to order a sample or technical info are provided. The order process is also functioning well and ease-of-use. Even the downloadable brochure looks so professional.

Ntgrate is a clean website design in the Architecture and Manufacturing industries.