Ortiz León Bold Website Design Sliders Homepage

Focusing on helping clients plan their architecture projects from the very start, Ortiz Leon makes your goals, their goals. Whatever you want to build, whether personal or professional, they’re there to help you make it happen -- and their website design displays this intention well. 

Electric blue fills your eyes when you come to the homepage. An intriguingly well-designed cityscape becomes the backdrop, but it’s made up entirely of vibrant blues. Only a single sentence is white pops off the page. The design is highly enticing as you want to see more.

Scroll your mouse and the page shifts horizontally on you! Watch the colors move from blue to green and then to red as you take in each slide individually. It’s exciting and fun to fall between the colors as you learn a little more each time about Ortiz Leon.

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Ortiz León Dynamic Website Design

Taking their website to a new level of interaction, Ortiz Leon makes it easy for you to get lost in their beautiful designs. As you enter their portfolio section, you’ll find your page filled with a grid of individual photographs showing off a different project the company has created.

Go ahead and pick any project! Put your mouse on its singular picture and watch the entire grid change in response.

Every photograph on the page comes together to fill the screen with the dynamic design of that particular project. Only a single square is left unaffected as you’re given the basics on the project. Even the icon on the colored square matches the living design backdrop. It’s a fun way to experience their portfolio and to see projects come to life before your eyes.

Ortiz León User-Friendly Website Design

Keep up to speed with Ortiz Leon through their news section, where you find project updates made readily available to you. A beautiful landscape eats up the majority of the page as you get the feeling the company is always expanding what they do and where they’re working. Along the right side, mini blurbs quickly walk you through the latest news. It’s a fast and easy way to get an idea of what’s happening with them.

Ortiz Leon prides in being different and above the curve, which is exactly what they show off. Eclectic backgrounds and a vibrant colorful website design bring each page to life as a way to draw users in. An interactive portfolio gives users a chance to engage with the company, amplifying the pleasant user experience.

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