Hill West Architects Stunning Website Design

Hill West is an industry-leading architecture firm renowned for creating inspirational towers that grace the New York City skyline. Founded in 2008, the firm has created some of the most exclusive and iconic structures in the city. They state that through their work they “strive to create buildings that are efficient and beautiful, contextual yet fresh, timeless yet reflective of the present moment.”

It is no surprise then that their website is also reflective of this vision. It is a truly modern website design and from the moment you land on it, you feel immersed in a special experience. The homepage is a single screen design with a revolving background image showing some of the most dramatic skyline shots of New York.


Hill West Architects Stunning Gallery Page

When you begin to browse through the website using the minimalistic navigation menu, you’ll encounter the slick, parallax scrolling - which is incredibly effective when using in conjunction with the dark background. The ‘Map’ page gives a bird’s eye view of the buildings that are either under construction or already completed and plots everywhere across Manhattan where Hill West have worked.

Theproject page is a showreel of Hill West’s current, ongoing and completed work. The imagery which shows off these immense skyscrapers wins all the awards for beauty and splendor. There isn’t too much information on each project, but with the focus on the visual appeal of each structure, that can be dismissed a minor flaw.

Hill West Architects Stunning Homepage

The color scheme used throughout the website is simple, powerful, and slick. All copy, apart from the footer, is in white on top of a dark background. The color used in the background is a very dark blue and adds a constant element of professionalism to the website.

The smooth experience can be felt to a lesser degree on a mobile device, yet it still offers a unique experience compared to today’s traditional mobile sites.

Overall, this is an exceptionally slick website which represents a company that clearly places premium design and innovation at the forefront of their objectives. The combination of slick designs, smooth transitions and effects, and an impactful color scheme make for an excellent user experience.

Hill West Architects is a stunning website design in the Architecture, Luxury and Real Estate industries.