P22 Minimal Homepage

Nothing but simplicity at its best—that is the way P22 approaches their website design. P22 is a versatile engineering and design studio that helps companies develop their projects from a very early stage in the process.

The company takes a highly minimalistic approach with their home page by letting the words speak for themselves. Utilizing a white negative space, the company employs a simplistic sans serif font in large sizing to catch the attention of potential clients.

P22 Minimal Website Design

Moving further into the website, P22 takes on a creative and almost entertaining approach to introducing various projects to users. After scrolling down from the landing screen, users are presented with a few titles of the projects completed by P22.

To create a unique aspect to the page, P22 employs a full screen effect when users hover their cursor over an individual project. Projects are assigned their own color; when the effect is activated, geometric shapes or animations fill the screen with the project’s designated shade. A lighting effect coordinates with the animations, toning down the color of the page so as to highlight the project being viewed.

P22 Minimal Website Design

Sample pages work to create a dark and powerful statement about each project that P22 has put together. Settled against a dark gray negative space, a summary of the project is left-aligned on the right side of the page and written in a white sans serif font. The contrasting combination makes for an easy-to-read summary. Embedded within the page, the company combines video shorts with high-quality photographs to debut every aspect of their projects.

P22 Minimal Contact Page

After reviewing the impressive gallery of work samples, clients are invited to contact P22 at the bottom of every page. Returning to the roots of the initial home page design, the contact section uses a very wide, white negative space. Minimally, a black sans serif font is utilized to make the page easily readable for users. The overall simplicity of the design keeps potential clients from getting distracted by the information and gives direction as to what they should do next.

With a minimalistic approach to the majority of their website design, P22 exhibits a portfolio like no other with embedded videos, high-resolution photographs, and bright colors. The combination of a well-designed portfolio with a simplistic website allows the company to make a huge impact on users with their design.

P22 is a minimal website design in the Engineering and Professional Services industries.

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