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Forefathers is a powerful team of designers who are passionate about results-driven, visually-striking design that positively impacts the course of clients’ businesses and lives.

In today’s fast-paced and constantly-changing world, new ideas are created almost every day, yet some traditions and established ideas remain strong even as the years pass. And when it comes to web design, one of the lasting styles is the vintage. Forefathers has been using vintage design style for some years, probably since their inception in 2011. The name explains the vintage presentation that is reflected throughout the site. When they redesigned their website, they kept the concept — heavy on the vintage, yet their unique approach demonstrates how magical it can be when vintage meets trendy, modern web.

Forefathers Group Awesome Vintage Elements

To capture the essence of the vintage designs, all elements, the color scheme and the images have a vintage flavor. All landing pages have a layout that looks like a vintage newspaper. To push the brand even further they created a system of illustrations and custom type pieces to place throughout their website. They also animated some elements to show the funky and cool brand personality. To complete their brand image and visualize their unique characteristics,  they chose “skull” and “puppeteer” to be the representative visual language. 

Forefathers Group Awesome Website Design

The skull is one of themost attractive and fashionable motifs around. The skull means more than just a design, but rather a statement. It’s a symbol of toughness and bravery; a powerful message of defiance in the face of adversity and risk.

The skull reveals the daring and tough nature of Forefathers — they take an iron fist approach to design; they obsess over details and aren't afraid of the hard work it takes to create timeless and unyielding results for brands.

Forefathers Group Modern Vintage Website Design

On the other hand, a puppeteer is someone manipulates their puppets to perform. Virtually, web designers and programmers are puppeteer-like, they control the look and feel of a website inwardly and outwardly, visually and functionally. Forefathers thinks themselves as visionaries instead of designers. They help their client visualize the ideal vision of their business, and actualize their dreams.

Forefathers attempted to have the modern vintage across all screens and platforms and ended up fashioning the design ability to scale on any device and never lose its charm.

Forefathers Group is an awesome website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.