Clean and simple homepage

Webential Homepage Reflects The Company’s UVP And Mission With Concise Copy And A Uniformed Color Palette

Webential is a Sydney-based digital talent provider agency that renders dedicated offshore resources including designers, developers and marketers to help businesses scale with smart, full-service solutions.

Webential’s website design showcases the company's goal and unique value proposition (UVP) and visually embodies the meaning of the brand name – everything essential for the web.

The homepage is fairly minimal, careful not to distract from the key messaging. “Practice what you preach” is further emphasized as it mirrors the company’s guiding principle:

“Merging imagination with technology to design an experience that persuades, inspires and converts”

The same can be said about the concise, straightforward copy that gradually becomes richer as users scroll below the fold.

Webential’s web design leverages a two-color palette, creating a smart and sleek website experience that highlights their unparalleled support and services.

The UX/UI design, along with on-point messaging, communicates the company’s offering and dedication to tailoring their services to meet their clients’ evolving needs.

These elements serve to reduce the bounce rate and increase time on site – two major factors that contribute to search engine rankings.

Intuitive and sticky navigation

Webential’s Website Design Utilizes A Simple And Intuitive Navigation Menu To Help Visitors Find Exactly What They Are Looking For

An effective web design is one where users are able to find the information they seek quickly and logically. That's why most web designers employ intuitive navigation and information architecture principles to ensure navigation elements are strategically placed and easily accessible.

One of the most important design elements that make Webential’s website noteworthy is the simple and efficient navigation menu.

The simplified navigation menu’s horizontal design on the right side of the page keeps it user-friendly, which increases visitor retention.

It is sticky, clean and practical. It mitigates misdirection, offering no distraction to drag the visitor’s attention away. There are short, single-word descriptions that turn red once the user hovers over them.

The navigation menu fits into the Webential website perfectly as it complements the overall aesthetics and enhances the user experience.

Webential also developed a detailed user journey, guided by strategically placed calls to action (CTAs) that propel visitors down the conversion funnel to increase on-site brand engagement, including newsletter subscriptions and quote requests.

Negative space accentuates the content

Ample Negative Space Drives Attention To The Key Elements And Conversion Points On Webential’s Website

Rather than serving as awkward or empty, aimless areas, proper implementation of negative space (white space) guides user attention and contributes to a seamless UX.

The negative space allows content to be more digestible and lets visitors get familiar with the place, while keeping them interested and incentivizing them to take action.

This method is among popular user-oriented design trends because it beneficially draws users to the important elements to improve conversion rates.

The uncluttered background and layout improve readability and allow visual elements (including high-definition pictures) to “breathe” and stand out, capturing visitors’ attention.

The abundance of white space throughout the website makes written content and CTA buttons comprehensible and understandable.

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Large Fonts And High-Quality Photographs Pull Visitors In And Help Boost Conversion Rates

Webential transcends the tiny font of corporate websites from the past. Instead, each page utilizes large fonts and bold lettering, which makes the copy simple to understand and digest.

Striking typography encourages users to read on and learn more about the company and its services, enticing them to convert to clients themselves. It's precisely why branding agencies consider factors like readability, legibility, and the emotional response that certain typefaces evoke in web design.

Visual materials such as high-quality pictures complement the presented information, illustrating the collaborative office culture Webential nurtures while keeping in line with the overall design.

Lighter, uniquely filtered hues give the impression of a stylized Instagram filter, distinguishing them from the similarly posed stock photos found across the internet. They contrast the large negative spaces framing and highlighting the key messaging elements.

Webential (slide 4)

Webential Website Design Leverages Testimonials, Social Proof, Awards And Clients To Inspire Trust And A Sense Of Reliability

Testimonials and social proof about working with a certain company can make a huge impact when it comes to securing new clients and Webential understands this well.

Without explicit boasting, the website showcases its clients, awards and partners, interweaving them within the design naturally with subtle animations and interactive elements when visitors first land.

To help show the value their clients have added to the company, social proof and stats are readily available throughout the user journey.

With ample white space, bold lettering, clear CTAs and high-quality images that create a friendly feel, Webential’s website is undoubtedly efficient at attracting.

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