Stroom Beautiful Homepage

Stroom is a Ukrainian company that services and sells electric vehicles. The crisp, clean design of their webpage reflects their commitment to cutting-edge green technologies.

A less common choice for font color, Stroom’s decision to feature purple as their main color immediately begins to build a coherent brand image. The purple font is set against a white background. These two main colors are echoed in the pictures of the cars displayed on the homepage, again reinforcing brand cohesion.  

The high-resolution photographs, central to the homepage, spotlight the aesthetic appeal of the cars, while simple illustrations next to each model convey the benefits of owning the vehicle, encouraging the user to continue scrolling to learn more.

The homepage closes with contact information to the left and a semi-opaque map to the right. The map not only helps users locate Stroom, it also adds subtle texture to the page.

Stroom Beautiful Product Page

Stroom sells two different cars — the Tesla Model S and the Nissan Leaf, hosting a separate landing page for each. Although bothproduct pages feature a deep scroll layout, a static horizontal menu at the top helps the user to easily navigate the page. Despite the fact that these cars are different makes, Stroom utilizes the same color palette to reinforce their own brandover that of the vehicle.

Always keeping the user in mind, Stroom leads with the facts users want to know. Both the Nissan and Tesla pages feature the price in bold typeface near the top of the page, conveying that Stroom is comfortable being transparent with their customers. To further cultivate a sense of honesty, customer reviews are displayed in a slider at the bottom of the page. Hearing from real customers helps to cultivate a UI of trust and dependability.

Despite selling two different car makes, Stroom is able to utilize color schemes, typeface, and illustrations to create their own compelling brand image.

Stroom is a beautiful website design in the Automotive and Engineering industries.