PackWire Playful Homepage

The web design crew at Packwire has created one of the most original websites on the web. Its use on minimal content and experimental parallax and deep scrolling combination, enhances the site's transitional effects.

Every page is playful, bright, and inviting. It uses sharp imagery and minimal content to encourage users to keep using the site. The full screen concept boasts a simple design that’s easy for users to follow.

The backdrop and product images change colors every time a user visits the site. Whether the color is blue, orange, or red, the subtle change doesn’t disrupt the overall design.

Packwire’s strategic use of CSS and Javascript programming, allows users to have a different experience from one another.

PackWire Playful Website Design

The bright orange backdrop and playful white typography draws attention to the mailing boxes. The page has little content. forcing users to click on the bright blue, “customize” call to action button or continue scrolling through the site.

On the bottom right corner of every page, is a blue live chat button. The concept enhances user experience by allowing visitors to chat live with a Packwire agent. This feature instills the need of approach for a strong UI interface by enabling users to ask questions which builds trust with the company’s brand.

PackWire User Friendly Design

Packwire’s product design page is easy for users’ to navigate as the light gray color draws focus to the white mailing box. The box settings tab on the left is a simple design that allows viewers to change the size, type of box, quantity, and a price table drop menu.

The box design feature is simple and easy to follow. Its illustrations and step-by-step design options allow users to interact with the program. The white box serves as a backspace and lets users preview what their design would look like in real-time. The call to action buttons on the bottom grabs the user’s attention to purchase their product.

PackWire Bright About Page

The about page is bright, clean, and contemporary. Its illustrations of three hand symbols is a great segway into the minimal content beneath the header. The words may be minimal, however, the context is purposeful as it explains the company’s culture and products.

Packwire’s ingenious web design makes shipping and packaging personable, which is important for small and large businesses. The website offers a universal design with vivid colors, extraordinary UI and UX interface. Who knew shipping boxes could be so versatile?

PackWire is a best website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Professional Services industries.