Fangio Elegant Homepage

Find yourself the perfect men’s polo. Find Fangio, a men’s fashion company dedicated to bringing you the best in polo fashion.

A fashion forward presentation is what Fangio gives you when you enter their website. A gorgeous photograph sits off centered on the page of a model wearing one of the company’s shirts. The charcoal coloring in the shirt complements the dark tones of the page. It’s a fantastic way to immediately draw your attention to the value of product they produce.

The home page takes on a single page mindset as it presents you with everything you could want to know about the company in one place. Layered over the initial image in white is the word explorer as if tempting you to do just that.

As you scroll, the home page takes on a monochromatic design that makes it easy for you to find out all about Fangio. The black and white choice create a highly contrasting design that makes each segment stand out, drawing you in instantly at every turn.

Maintaining a simplistic concept, Fangio keeps their website content minimal to keep your focus on what you want to see. Helping to make this navigation quick, the website gives you an easy two-part menu.

The menu page is divided in half and pulls on a black and white color scheme for a clean, classy viewing. Move your mouse between the two page options and watch the solid black color bar slide to the opposite page. It’s a quirky effect that makes it fun to pick out where to go next!

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Fangio Elegant Product Page

Vibrancy becomes the staple to Fangio’s product page. Become familiar with the bright colors of the company’s polos in a dynamic display of model photographs.

The blankness of the page around makes it so the display is the only thing you can focus on. It’s a simple and effective choice. The combination is brilliant as it allows the company to build a genuine impulse for buying their product on a page that offers no distractions.

Fangio uses a lack of color in combination with vibrant photographs to showcase the quality of their product. Users’ eyes are drawn to their vividness while the surrounding website creates a classy atmosphere.

Fangio is an elegant website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.

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